Let’s talk about who we work with:

We work with some of the most amazing partners in our industry. They can help you from the bottom to the top. Let’s get this out there for those who need it. Whether you are new to the industry or an old hat, I have chosen these partners personally that will take care of you. Let them direct you on where to get started and they will walk you through beginning to end.

Click on the picture on any device and you will be taken to a form to fill out for TAP to contact you.

Let My Partners at Truckers Affiliate Program help you with any of the following:

Trucking experts to assist your business every step of the way!

  • Equipment Financing
  • Factoring
  • Line of credit fuel cards
  • Fuel card and factoring combination programs
  • Dispatching for any equipment type
  • Courses and materials to teach yourself how to dispatch
  • Drug Testing
  • IFTA
  • Driver recruiting


  1. Hey Thankyou for creating this post!
    Your site offers a great amount of helpful amount resources which I found interesting myself to read. I know a few friends who will definitely find this post on truckers affiliate pretty useful since they make a living around trucks whether that be driving or a company for renting.

    I think up next is the post about one of the driving articles.

    Have a great day!

    1. Awesome!! Please let them know that they can click on that Partner link and TAP will take GREAT care of them! I demanded that when I asked to work with them!! They are OUTSTANDING!! Please send them my website link!! The more people I can help I will!!

  2. Thanks for your article on “Partners.” One of the biggest challenges for someone getting into any industry is finding the right people to partner up with, people who can give you advice and assistance as you develop in your trade. I have a lot of friends who are truckers. I guess they are familiar with Truckers Affiliate Program, I don’t know for sure. I will share this link with them. Maybe they will find it useful.


    1. That would be fantastic if you could pass that link on!! Pass on my site.. I welcome feedback. We all see things differently so it is great to get different insight! Thank you for taking the time to reply! Have a great day!!

  3. Hey man great trucking advice, this would help a lot of my friends because I myself is not a truck driver. I like the post where you went into detail about weather conditions to drive in, it was quite insightful. One thing I would suggest is adding video elements to posts that way it makes it more interesting.

    1. Thank you so much! Please pass my site on to your friends!! I am really working on the video elements! Google is funny about them!! Thanks so much for the feedback!

  4. This is great to see that there is actually a dedicated affiliate program for truckers, something that many truckers will find very helpful. My partner is actually a tire salesman and they specialise in tires for trucks and earthmoving equipment, rather than the domestic market. 

    I was hoping to find an affiliate program for truckers that would also include tires for trucks, so if you have any suggestions on that, it would be very helpful. Thank you.

  5. Your Trucker’s Affiliate Program should be a success. You have covered almost every angle for someone to become a trucker. With this program, you have the opportunity to buy your truck and pay for it with the special program that is available. Learning to dispatch can be great for your business when trying to find that extra load that pays well.


  6. You have written a very interesting and thorough article promoting the Trucker’s Affiliate program which seems like a very helpful platform for those trying to outfit or run a truckling of just about any size.

    Equipment financing and factoring are issues that every trucking company is going to deal with so it’s good to see that you have that avenue covered.

    The courses and materials for a trucking company owner or operator to teach themselves how to dispatch would also be invaluable.

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