The Beginning

This greatly depends on which beginning you are thinking? The beginning of trucking? Or where I began? Let’s go with how I got into the trucking industry. That is the place I have the most knowledge.

Beginning the Search

When the opportunity presented itself to me to achieve my lifelong dream of truck driving, I did what every human being with a husband and kids does.. I questioned it. Was it the right time? Would it be a good fit? Is this really what my dream was? How would the kids take it? Would I make enough money to survive? Let’s just discuss a minute how hard-headed I am. I am pretty sure that is clear at this point. But I was handed the opportunity while working for a MAJOR computer retailer in their customer support division. Now let’s be clear, I have 2 Bachelor’s degrees and 4 associates degrees. I was on the career path to be a major player in this company if I kept on the straight and narrow. Did my job and did it well. Then this was thrown at me!! Godsend right? HA.. I labored over it for weeks on end. But eventually I followed my heart and kids insistence and went for it.

Searching for Schools

Compared to the Bachelors degrees and Associates degrees, trucking school is on the low end of the scale in price. Way low, it is under $7000 in most cases. So it is on the affordable side, unless you are the middle working class and mortgaged to the hilt. Enter, ME. So the search was on, how could I get school funded. There are plenty of places within most cities that can help you achieve this. That is exactly what happened for me. I was referred to a local agency that only had a few requirements for them to pay for school for me. I passed those and continued on.

I was like a kid in a candy store. I was IN this HUGE machine and I was going to drive it. Now I am one of those people whom tend to think that trucks are sexy. I know, weird, it isn’t a fetish, I just happen to really like trucks. The chrome, the grill, the look of it. They are all so cool to me. Trucks are intriguing to me, their power, capability, sounds, engines: ALL of it drives this girl nuts.

I took school so seriously and I studied. All the things I was required to study when I wanted to eventually captain that ship. I excelled. I loved it. My husband was going to be my trainer at my first company. My life was complete, right? Well, in wanting to excel at everything I almost failed my final test. My sister over at told me to STOP and BREATHE. I did, and I passed with flying colors. SCHOOL DONE, a gorgeous new strip on my license that says professional driver. OH MY!! Let’s get to making money! Shall we?

Converting from Trucker’s Wife to Trucker

Those who know me know that my kids are my world, as well as my husband. I couldn’t be more of a Mamabear if I tried. Now it meant leaving my kiddos at home to go chase my dream. They were in the care of a trusted family member, and we were home often. That helped a lot with the transition. However, going from being on the other end of the phone next to my kids while talking to their daddy miles away, to being next to my hubby and talking to my babies miles away was hard. So many will tell you there are “steering-wheel” holders and drivers in this industry. I wanted to be the driver. I wanted that respect even though I knew it would be rough due to my gender in a male dominated industry. It was really hard. But I wanted to show my babies I could do it. I did just that. I worked hard, and I am not in a position I love with a major grocery chain retailer. I deliver stores and “bump” docks all day. I work Monday thru Friday and am in love with driving with my husband. My kids have all gown and moved out on their own and I am doing what I love with whom I love.

Take That Chance

If you have ever wanted to drive, do it. If I can anyone can. Truly I mean that. I know you will hear lots of people say that about different things but it is the truth. Reach for what you want! If that isn’t trucking information, or truck driving do what you love. It isn’t going to always be this hard at this moment! It gets better. Yesterday will never be again, so take a breath and take a step towards tomorrow.

Yours Truly,


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