Let’s review the fridge we use and why we think it is the best!

Tried and True

A question that I get asked quite a few times is what kind of fridge we use on our truck? We works for us and how we keep it alive. How can I set it up, how can I make it work for me? These are all AMAZING questions! So let’s dig right into how we found what we think is the best fridge for our truck!

Cost $$

Now let’s be honest, most “specialized” fridges for trucks are going to be expensive. With the specialization of each part or piece, the price continues to climb. That being said, we are not testing the expensive fridge, we are not test the specialized fridge. In no way am I or my wife or the website saying that those specialized fridges aren’t great for the truck. What I as the author am stating is that, I am a penny pincher. I like my money and I want to spend it where I want to and not on something that is just simply overpriced for specialization in my opinion. That being said, there are manufacturers out there that provide those fridges specifically for trucks in the range of $400.00 to $900.00 dollars or more. That is simply not what my wife and I are willing to spend on a fridge. So we are going to give you the information on the fridge that we use and got at Walmart, how we set it up and how we have made it last for 3 years and still going strong.

This is our fridge, below is the one similar you can purchase at Walmart. Just click on the picture and it will take you to purchase the one below.

I will be including a link to the one similar to the one we purchased at Walmart so that you can purchase one similar to the one we have. However, the one we have is no longer available. I will be showing you how it is set up and the exterior and interior. Please keep in mind this is what works best for us, if you find a way that works better please let us know we would love to see it and hear how it works for you.

Details and In-Depth info

Now I have had many a fridge over the years, from coolers to electric coolers to actual real dorm fridges. Those all have their pro’s and con’s and they all work for a while, the problem is the vibration of the truck and the trucks reaction to the road. If you have driven for anytime at all you know that reaction of the truck to road can be pretty rough. To be honest we ride on air bags so it makes sense, while it cushions the ride so that we can do our job a little more comfortably, it also creates quite the bounce on some of our highways. I won’t take time telling you fibs and fairytales or blowing smoke up your skirt, I will in fact tell you what has worked for me to keep the fridge I do have alive. Seems fair doesn’t it?

Now to make sure were on the same page, the fridge I have, is to be honest the bottom of the barrel dorm fridge from Walmart, it’s the setup that I have that makes it work. The cost that I incurred for this fridge was about $100.00. Sometimes you have to find a combination in cost that works. Here is our combo and why it works. Let’s start by saying I have a 3500-watt power inverter. If you don’t know what that is, let’s just break it down really quick. It is a device that you should have professionally installed and allows you to have wall outlet plugs in your truck, on a device. After all not everything can be run off cigarette lighter chargers or USB ports. Now that is out of the way, let’s continue on. Your inverter doesn’t need to be this big but the bigger the better so you don’t have fluctuations in the current. I started with a $99, 1200-watt inverter that ran my fridge and microwave. However, the truck had to stay running to do so, it also cost me a new fridge about every 6 mo. The reason that it cost me a fridge is because of the constant fluctuation. I don’t recommend going that route unless you don’t plan on having a microwave. Even then the lower wattage is probably going to take out your fridge on a regular basis. So, save up and get the bigger one. It will be worth it and most trucks can handle it. However, check with your local diesel technician when installing to make sure your truck can support that.

Next is going to be how you mount it. As much as wattage is good for the life of your fridge, vibration plays just as big a roll. I didn’t learn this for a long time, as such I could hear the little bearing bouncing around inside the compressor and knew it was going to be the end of the fridge. So, I started looking for a solution, after all I had friend’s that managed to keep theirs going, and wondered why was mine dying so often. Then I came across an article that said to use anti fatigue matts, so I gave it a shot. After a few failed attempts I finally found a setup that works, see my pictures below.

In the pictures included you can see the setup. I have a piece of plywood, then placed the anti-fatigue mat which is the taped to the plywood. Then the fridge is put on top and strapped to the cabinet below. So far, this has worked pretty well. When I say pretty well, I have had this fridge in this truck for 3 yrs. running nonstop and it still works great. No sounds, no faults nothing. In the end, whatever you choose has to work for you. It has to be something you are able to handle and control I just wanted to share what we finally found that caused our fridge to last.

Happy Trucking !


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